Statement by Ambassador Woodward, at the Security Council meeting on DPRK

Dame Barbara Woodward DCMG OBE

I thank ASG Khiari for his briefing.

The UK condemns the launch of what the DPRK has called an intercontinental ballistic missile on 13 April. This first launch of a solid fuel missile represents a significant increase in the DPRK’s ballistic missile capabilities.

These missiles could potentially reach almost every point on Earth. While it chose to limit the flight distance this time, the DPRK’s reckless actions nonetheless created concern and fear for the people of Japan, who are directly threatened by these launches. We can expect this threat to intensify as long as the DPRK is able to continue to develop WMD capabilities.

Colleagues, these violations of Council resolutions are too serious to ignore. We should set aside our differences and send a unified message that the DPRK’s behaviour is unacceptable. The UK is ready to work with all Council members to send that clear message, as well as to build a framework for renewed dialogue, and to facilitate aid.

We once again call on all Member States to implement existing resolutions, which were unanimously agreed by the Council, in full. And we call on the DPRK to take up repeated offers from the United States and the Republic of Korea toward dialogue. As we have said repeatedly, diplomacy is the only route to sustained peace on the peninsula.

Published 17 April 2023