The UK has issued a statement following elections in Chad.

An FCDO spokesperson said:

Chad’s Presidential election on 6 May marked an important milestone in the country’s transition back to civilian rule. The UK commends the engagement of the Chadian people and welcomes the largely peaceful way in which the elections and campaign were conducted.

The UK is concerned by allegations of irregularities throughout the process and by the decision taken by the Chadian authorities to deny accreditation to 2900 EU-trained electoral observers. The UK regrets the tragic consequences of widespread celebratory gunfire following the announcement of provisional results.

The final stage of Chad’s political transition will be local and legislative elections currently scheduled for the autumn. As Chad approaches the end of its political transition, the UK calls on its authorities to seize this opportunity and demonstrate firm commitment to upholding global standards of democracy.

The UK urges Chad’s authorities to commit to a long-term pathway towards the peace, prosperity and development all Chadians want and deserve.

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Published 22 May 2024