UK Human Rights Ambassador Rita French delivered her statement on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Rita French

Thank you, Mr. President.

Special Rapporteur – thank you for your continued work and recent report.
As you set out, the Government of Iran is culpable of egregious continued human rights violations. The use of the death penalty, restrictions on media and the internet, and on freedoms of speech, expression, religion and belief, all continue unabated.

The discrimination women and girls have persistently faced, came to the fore with the killing of Mahsa Jina Amini in September. Over 500 people were killed during the regime’s brutal crackdown demonstrating Iran’s disregard for human life. This was on top of the over 500 persons executed, including at least two juvenile offenders in 2022. Religious and minority ethnic groups continued to face appalling discrimination, especially Baha’i, Christian converts and Sunni groups. The continuing detention of former Baha’i leaders, home demolition and land expropriation of Baha’is is deplorable. It is also deeply concerning that Iran has escalated its abhorrent practice of detaining foreign nationals for political leverage.

Iran must be held to account for its egregious human rights violations.

Special Rapporteur,

In light of your findings on possible crimes against humanity, how can the international community unite to ensure perpetrators are held to account?

Published 20 March 2023