Statement by Ambassador James Kariuki at the UN Security Council meeting on humanitarian personnel.

President, I want to begin by thanking Switzerland for their work to take forward this really important initiative, and the collaborative way in which they did it.

We would also like to take the opportunity today to recognise all UN and humanitarian

personnel on behalf of the UK for their vital work.

The UK strongly supports the purposes of this resolution. UN and humanitarian workers

operate worldwide in extremely difficult and often dangerous conditions, and it is right that

we as a Council have today affirmed the protections that they need and deserve.

Crucially the resolution is clear that parties to armed conflicts have obligations to protect

local and national aid workers, as well as UN and international humanitarian personnel, and

we call on all Member States to facilitate their work and support their efforts.

Local and national aid workers are essential in efforts to reach the most vulnerable, and who

often run significant risks to their own lives to help save the lives of others.

We welcome the strong language reaffirming the importance of International Humanitarian

Law, as well as the need to focus on protection from the scourge of sexual and gender-

based violence.

And finally, we welcome the resolution’s focus on addressing misinformation and

disinformation, and encourage further steps to counter this increasing threat to UN and

humanitarian staff.

We look forward to seeing the recommendations in the Secretary-General’s report and

remain committed to taking forward this important agenda.

I thank you.

Published 29 May 2024