UK military advisor, Nicholas Aucott, says Russia’s violations of international law damages global security. Their approach is rooted in chaos, the rule of force, and is accepted only by a few hostile states.

Thank you, Mr Chair. Russia continues to contravene the universal principles to which every member of the OSCE, including Russia, has subscribed; the principles enshrined in the UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act. 

Russia has violated all of this by aggressively invading its neighbour, Ukraine. There is no escaping this reality, which is in complete violation of international law. And yet, Russia’s narrative is to suggest that it has a new offer, in which such actions would be legitimate. This is its offer of ‘Multipolarity’. 

Russia’s projection of multipolarity stands for the rule of force. It promotes illegal and anarchic behaviours, tearing up the rulebook because it doesn’t suit. It is there to maintain power for President Putin and a narrow cohort of Kremlin elites. 

Russia’s vision of multipolarity is embraced by hostile States; Iran has given Russia one-way attack drones which inflict pain, suffering and death on its neighbour; and North Korea, who Russia sources munitions from, in spite of international sanctions. 

Russia’s view of the world is cynical. It is a view of the world, thankfully, embraced by only a very few. It is incumbent on us in this Forum, and this organisation more broadly, to stand strong against this worldview, and to embrace the universal principles enshrined in the UN Charter. 

That is why it matters so much to continue to support Ukraine. It matters in its own right, to support a nation who has had untold aggression brought to its land. But it matters more broadly, for Russia threatens to undermine the very basis on which nations around the world can peacefully co-exist. This is why the United Kingdom will continue to support Ukraine in its fight against tyranny and aggression for as long as it takes. Thank you.

Published 3 July 2024