Armed Forces personnel and Defence Civil Servants have been granted state honours by His Majesty The King in the annual New Year Honours list.

His Majesty The King has recognised over 180 service personnel and civil servants in the 2024 New Year Honours list for their outstanding acts of service to protect national security. From delivering His Majesty’s Coronation, to facilitating some of the most complex equipment programmes, the honours list praises the outstanding achievements of personnel across Defence.

The recognition follows praise from the Prime Minister who has spoken about the valiant work of our Armed Forces, including in the Middle East and in Estonia as part of our unshakeable commitment to NATO.

The full list of Defence personnel named in the 2024 New Years Honours list is available here.

State honours have also been awarded to senior members of the Armed Forces, for their work including force integration, service on operations and driving organisational change to ensure Defence is ready to leverage the most cutting-edge technologies.

Welcoming the New Years Honours, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said:

I want to congratulate all our Defence personnel who have been named in this year’s New Year Honours.

As the world becomes more dangerous and Defence’s global commitments have increased, you have all risen to the challenge through your selflessness, resilience, and ingenuity.

You showcase the very best our nation has to offer, and it is only right that your exceptional acts of service have been recognised.

Published 29 December 2023