Giles Lever will support the UK’s diplomatic regional response to Sudan from British Embassy in Ethiopia

Following the temporary closure of the British Embassy in Khartoum, His Majesty’s Ambassador, Giles Lever, has been relocated from the FCDO crisis centre in London to Ethiopia.

From Addis Ababa, he will lead the UK’s diplomatic efforts in the region to bring fighting to an end in Sudan. Mr Lever has been Ambassador to Sudan since 2021 and is a specialist in Africa, the Middle East and conflict zones with postings to Nigeria, Iraq and Afghanistan among others.

While in London, Lever was working from the FCDO crisis centre engaging key diplomatic contacts, helping to facilitate evacuation permissions and supporting diplomatic efforts to end the fighting.

The UK is pursuing all diplomatic avenues to end the violence in Sudan and return to civilian rule. The UK has been involved at all levels to de-escalate tensions with the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary and Minister for Africa all speaking with international partners and convening a UN Security Council meeting earlier this week on the crisis. Basing our ambassador in Addis Ababa will also allow him to support engagement with the African Union, which is based in the Ethiopian capital and is playing a key role in resolving the crisis in Sudan.

The safety of all British nationals in Sudan continues to be our utmost priority and we urge everyone to continue to follow our travel advice. Evacuation flights continue from the Wadi Saidna airfield, and we urge any British nationals who wish to leave to come forward. At midnight Sudan time tonight, when the 72-hour ceasefire is due to end, we cannot guarantee how many further flights will depart.

Note to editors:

You can find the latest UK Government travel advice for Sudan here.

Published 27 April 2023