The UK government has issued a statement on Sudan following a military operation to evacuated British embassy staff from Khartoum

The UK has undertaken a  military operation to evacuate British embassy staff from Khartoum, due to escalating violence and threats against foreign diplomats and embassy properties.

We thank the armed forces for their bravery in conducting this complex operation under extremely challenging circumstances, and commend the courage and commitment of the UK diplomats and embassy staff.

The safety of all British nationals in Sudan continues to be our utmost priority.

We are urging the warring factions to implement an immediate and prolonged ceasefire to allow civilians to leave, and the UK Government will do all we can to ensure the safe passage of our citizens in what remains a very challenging context.

In the meantime, our advice to British nationals is to shelter in place and contact the Foreign Office to register your location and contact details.

For further information, please refer to the travel advice

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Published 23 April 2023