UK Statement for Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on Colombia. Delivered by the UK’s Permanent Representative to the WTO and UN, Simon Manley.

Simon Manley CMG

This statement was originally delivered in Spanish.

Thank you, Mr President and Ms Urrejola. 

The UK commends all parties and the Colombian people on the progress that has been achieved since the signing of the historic Peace Agreement. Colombia serves as an important example that an enduring resolution of entrenched disagreements is only possible through peaceful dialogue.

Despite the progress made, ongoing violence and displacement continue to raise serious human rights concerns for the people and communities affected, especially for human rights defenders, social, communal and environmental leaders, peace agreement signatories and Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities. 

We call on the Colombian government to take all necessary steps to strengthen prevention and protection mechanisms, and to guarantee independent and impartial criminal investigations into attacks and threats against these groups, and to prosecute those responsible.  

We agree with you Ms Urrejola that the strengthening of State institutions and services to the regions is a crucial step towards ending the violence and securing peace achievements.   

Ms Urrejola,

What more can the international community do to support the prompt implementation of the Peace Agreement, in particular its ethnic and gender chapters?

Thank you.

Published 2 April 2024