Joint Statement for the Interactive Dialogue with UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria. Delivered by the UK’s Permanent Representative to the WTO and UN, Simon Manley.

Simon Manley CMG

Mr President,

This statement is on behalf of 54 countries.

We commend the Commission of Inquiry’s continued work in shining light on large-scale, systematic, and arbitrary or unjust detentions and related violations and abuses. This, together with the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism, is crucial for ensuring accountability.

We deplore the fact that tens of thousands of Syrians are estimated to have been subjected to arbitrary and incommunicado detention. Torture and other ill-treatment, including sexual and gender-based violence, have been reported on an alarming scale, and continue to this day. We strongly condemn all deaths, torture and abuse of detainees in detention facilities, particularly in Syrian government facilities. We recall the Commission’s clear assessment that the rights of detained persons have not been respected throughout the conflict.

Tens of thousands of families continue to live with the anguish caused by not knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones. Cooperation, by all parties to the conflict, with the newly created Independent Institution on Missing Persons is also essential.  

Mr President,

The Syrian regime and all parties must cease such practices; release unjustly detained Syrians; clarify the fate of the missing; ensure appropriate access for independent and humanitarian monitoring organisations and hold those responsible to account.

Finally, we reiterate our call for a sustainable and comprehensive political solution for Syria in line with Security Council Resolution 2254.

Co-signatories: 1. Albania 2. Andorra 3. Argentina 4. Australia 5. Austria 6. Belgium 7. Bulgaria 8. Canada 9. Czechia 10. Colombia 11. Costa Rica 12. Croatia 13. Cyprus 14. Denmark 15. Ecuador 16. Estonia 17. Finland 18. France 19. Germany 20. Georgia 21. Greece 22. Hungary 23. Iceland 24. Ireland 25. Israel 26. Italy 27. Japan 28. Latvia 29. Liechtenstein 30. Lithuania 31. Luxembourg 32. Malta 33. Monaco 34. Montenegro 35. Moldova 36. Netherlands 37. New Zealand 38. North Macedonia 39. Norway 40. Poland 41. Portugal 42. Qatar 43. Republic of Korea 44. Romania 45. San Marino 46. Slovakia 47. Slovenia 48. Spain 49. Sweden 50. Switzerland 51. Turkey 52. UK 53. Ukraine 54. US

Published 3 July 2024