Statement by Matilda O’Kelly at the UN General Assembly meeting on the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council reform (IGN)

Matilda O'Kelly, Second Secretary for the UK Mission to the United Nations speaks at the UN General Assembly

Thank you for the new agenda items you have included in this meeting of the IGN. Continuing to evolve the IGN to reflect emerging key topics is important for us to make progress.

We are clear that there must be permanent African representation on the Council. It cannot be the case that such a large proportion of the world’s population, and a whole regional group, not share their expertise and shoulder the responsibility of permanent membership of the Council.

We also want to see permanent membership for Brazil, Japan and India, which would mean permanent representation from the Latin America and Asia Pacific regional groups, as well as permanent membership for Germany.

On categories of membership, the UK supports expansion in both the existing categories, permanent and non-permanent.

Turning to the “status of documentation,” I would like to outline a few key points:

The urgency and momentum we have heard for Security Council Reform so far this year cannot be ignored. So the UK is open to all avenues to progressing the discussion on Security Council reform. We must move forward at an accelerated pace, as so many colleagues have said in this year’s IGN meetings so far.

We believe text based negotiations would help us to make that progress. A single consolidated and updated text that includes attribution would help us to make the meaningful progress for which so many of us have called.

We are open to different options of what such a single, consolidated and updated text should look like. And we would be pleased to partake in further discussions in this session of the IGN on the basis of a single consolidated text with attributions, circulated to us in advance.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the news that the IGN website will go live later this week.

In closing, co-chairs, we must harness the momentum behind Security Council reform, and translate that into a text from which we can work to make the change we all so want to see.

Thank you.

Published 3 April 2023