13 June 2024 11:50 Brixton man jailed for non-consensual condom removal in a unique legal case A Met-led investigation has resulted in a man being jailed after taking his condom off during sex without consent.

A Met-led investigation has resulted in a man being jailed after taking his condom off during sex without consent.

Guy Mukendi, 39 (29.11.1984) of Stockwell Lane, Brixton was sentenced today (13, June) to four years and three months in prison.

Non-consensual condom removal is sometimes referred to as ‘stealthing’ and is classified as rape under English and Welsh law. Prosecutions for this type of crime are very rare due to under-reporting.

On 9 May 2023 Met officers responded quickly to a report of sexual assault made by a young woman in Brixton. The woman had consented to sex with Mukendi on the condition that a condom was used. During sex, the man removed the condom without the victim’s knowledge.

From the first report officers supported the victim at what was an extremely difficult time. Throughout the course of the investigation and court process, a specialist officer continued to help the victim, while offering her further support from expert charities such as Rape Crisis and Survivors Gateway.

Local Brixton officers secured a detailed and impactful statement from the victim and began investigating the suspect, looking at text exchanges and forensic evidence.

This milestone case comes as the Met continues its pledge to be more suspect-focused in their approach to crimes that disproportionately affect women and girls.

Officers worked with the victim to obtain screenshots of messages from Mukendi in which he apologised for taking the condom off, explaining it was because he had not had sex in a long time. He then deleted the messages. This evidence contributed to securing Mukendi’s conviction.

Detective Constable Jack Earl, who led the investigation, said: “Throughout this investigation Mukendi denied any wrongdoing – but our officers built a compelling case against him to leave no doubt in the jury’s mind.

“We were dedicated to securing justice for the victim and will continue to raise awareness that this crime is a form of rape.

“The victim did the right thing to call the police straight away and her bravery should not be overshadowed. If you have been a victim of sexual violence and not yet reported it – please contact your local police service and we will do all that we can to help and bring you justice.”

Anyone who is a victim of non-consensual condom removal should report it to the police straightaway to give the best chances of capturing evidential opportunities through 101 or online Report a crime | Metropolitan Police

In an emergency, always call 999.

As part of the Met’s commitment to improving its service to victims and protecting women and girls, officers work closely with expert charities, such as Survivors Gateway, to ensure victims receive the care and support they deserve.

Kate Holmes, Head of Sexual Violence Helplines at Survivors Gateway, said, “Survivors of sexual violence in London can contact the Survivor’s Gateway on 0808 801 0860 to be connected with support. Our Navigators provide a confidential, non-judgemental space, and can make referrals for counselling as well as practical advocacy support.”

Looking for support after sexual violence? (survivorsgateway.london)

Read more about the Met’s commitment to tackling crimes that affect women and girls across London: VAWG action plan: Our 10 commitments | Metropolitan Police


Mukendi was found guilty on 2, April 2024 at Inner London Crown Court.

Mr MUKENDI was sentenced under category 3B of the sentencing guidelines for Rape. He has been sentenced to four years and three months imprisonment.

The victim has been granted a restraining order for five years