20 April 2023 17:00 Man convicted of fatal stabbing in Greenwich A man who murdered a stranger claiming he was acting in self-defence has been convicted

A man who murdered a stranger claiming he was acting in self-defence has been convicted.

At Woolwich Crown Court on Tuesday, 18 April, Robbie Munoz, 22 (15.04.01) of Belmont Road, Wallington, was found guilty of murdering 29-year-old Reece Williams from Greenwich.

He is due to be sentenced on Monday, 5 June.

Reece was fatally stabbed on Welland Street in Greenwich on 31 July 2021 and despite the efforts of his friends and emergency services, died shortly after the attack.

Officers found Munoz close to the scene suffering a stab wound. After speaking to witnesses, officers established his injury had been sustained during the attack on Reece.

He was arrested and later charged with murder.

Detectives also found a cover for the knife near the scene with forensics linking it to Munoz. The knife, which had a blade of around 25cm, was discovered in a bin shed at a nearby block of flats.

During trial, Munoz claimed he acted in self-defence.

Witnesses described how Reece had been the one to approach Munoz and the pair had an argument before Reece punched him. He had then walked away and thought the dispute was over.

At this point, Munoz took the knife out of his rucksack, chased Reece and stabbed him several times. Reece’s friends tried to intervene but were unable to prevent the attack.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Wood, who led the investigation, said: “What started off as a petty argument led to one man being murdered and another now likely to spend a considerable period of his life in prison. Our thoughts remain with Reece’s family and friends who have been left devastated by his death.

“Our investigation made it very clear that Munoz had no qualms about carrying a knife or using it against anyone who got in his way. It took just seconds for him to take another life and that is why our top priority continues to be identifying those who carry weapons and are intent on causing violence.

“Last year saw a significant decrease in knife crime but we know there is more to do and our officers will continue using everything in their power to target those intent on committing violent crime on our streets.”

Anyone who has any information about knife crime is urged to get in touch with police or Crimestoppers 100 anonymously on 0800 555 111. No piece of information is too small.