26 June 2024 15:30 Detective Chief Superintendent Clair Kelland statement following the CPS decision on the fatal collision at The Study Prep School, Wimbledon Detective Chief Superintendent Clair Kelland has issued a statement after the CPS announce that no charges will be brought in the fatal collision at The Study Prep School in Wimbledon.

Detectives investigating the fatal collision at The Study Prep School in Wimbledon last July have been advised by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that the driver involved will face no further action.

Detective Chief Superintendent Clair Kelland, in charge of policing for south west London, said: “This was a deeply tragic incident, the circumstances of which caused widespread shock and sadness. The families of Nuria and Selena – who we know are greatly loved and missed – are always in our thoughts, but particularly so in light of this development. Throughout the course of this investigation they have been supported by dedicated family liaison officers. Those officers were present earlier today when the outcome was relayed to the families by the CPS, and they will continue to support them in any way they can going forward. I previously met with both families and have offered to meet them again should they have unanswered questions about the investigation following this outcome.

“Following a lengthy, detailed and complex investigation, a file of evidential material was passed to the CPS for them to consider whether charges were appropriate. Having carefully examined all of the information received, they have now confirmed the driver will not face charges. Significant enquiries carried out by specialist officers into the events leading up to the collision established that the driver suffered a previously undiagnosed seizure which caused her to lose control of the vehicle. Having carried out a detailed examination of her medical records we know that she couldn’t have predicted or prevented the incident.

“The consequences of this were, as we know, absolutely devastating, and the hurt and pain that followed will always be deeply felt. I can understand that some may be confused – perhaps even feel let down – by this outcome, and want to give every reassurance that our officers worked tirelessly through every detail of the incident to ensure a complete investigation be passed to the CPS. To bring charges in cases like this there needs to be an element of responsibility on the part of the driver, and, given the circumstances, this was simply not borne out on this occasion. What happened that day was a very tragic accident which has had a profound impact on the lives of a number of people.

“While our priority has been to support the affected families – including the further six families of those who received injuries – we have also remained in close contact with both the school and local council representatives throughout, updating them on the timeline of the investigation while maintaining the integrity of our enquiries. We are grateful for their support and know they understand that it was of paramount importance to ensure the most thorough investigation be undertaken for the sake of all those involved. In the days and weeks ahead we will identify opportunities to speak directly to the local community who we know were also deeply affected by the incident.”

Leading up to the CPS referral, detectives were engaged in a complex and detailed investigation into the circumstances that led up to the collision. That work included, but was not limited to:

= speaking with hundreds of witnesses
= obtaining expert reports from forensic collision investigators
= analysing in forensic detail CCTV footage of the incident
= a detailed forensic investigation of the scene
= interviews with the driver
= an examination of medical evidence

Given the involvement of various emergency services in the incident, officers also had to work closely with both London Ambulance Service (LAS) and London Fire Brigade (LFB), as well as the CPS.

Following the advice from the CPS, the driver has been informed that no further action will be taken against her. The investigation is now complete and a file will be passed to the Coroner ahead of inquest proceedings.