6 April 2023 12:09 Man jailed for raped and assault of woman in south London park A man has been jailed for 12 years for violently attacking and raping a woman in Burgess Park, SE5.

A man has been jailed after he raped and violently assaulted a woman he had just met in a south London park.

David Joseph, 31 (04.10.91), of no fixed address, was sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on Thursday, 6 April to 12 years’ imprisonment.

He was found guilty following a trial at the same court on Friday, 24 February of rape, sexual assault, intentional strangulation, robbery and possession of a class B drug (cannabis.)

Detective Constable Olivia Broughton, the investigating officer from Central South’s Public Protection, said: “Joseph, is a dangerous, violent predator who carried out an atrocious, prolonged attack on a lone woman – who repeatedly begged him to stop. When the victim survivor bravely tried to fight back, he just used more violence on her to carry out his heinous crime.

“I’d like to commend the woman for the courage she has shown throughout the investigation and court process. Joseph is now behind bars and off the streets of London thanks to her coming forward.

“Tackling all forms of violence against women, including sexual assault, stalking and harassment, is a priority the Met and we will continue to work hard to bring people like Joseph to justice.”

The court heard that in the early hours of Sunday, 25 September, the woman bumped into Joseph near Burgess Park and they had a conversation. They had not met before.

Joseph drop-called the woman’s mobile phone so she would have his number – although she told officers she did not save the number and she had no intention of calling him back.

She then told Joseph, who was pushing a pedal cycle, that she was leaving to get the bus and he said he was going the same way as her.

They went through the park and he kept asking her to stop for a drink. She kept refusing, before eventually agreeing to stop for a quick drink.

They sat on a bench and Joseph tried to kiss her. She told him no and asked him not to do that. He then held her hands behind her back and raped and sexually assaulted her, while the victim begged him to stop.

Joseph strangled her and made comments such as ‘stop struggling’, and ‘you’re a fighter aren’t you.’

The woman tried to run away more than once and on one occasion Joseph chased her and rugby tackled her to the ground.

Following the prolonged attack, Joseph stole her two mobile phones and bank card before riding off on his bike.

The woman, injured and bleeding, ran to the main road and sought help. Officers attended and she was taken to hospital. She was later looked after by specialist officers.

Detectives secured the crime scene and began making urgent enquiries. Joseph was quickly identified from when he drop-called the woman’s mobile phone prior to the attack. Officers attended the hostel he was staying at in Southwark on Sunday, 25 September and arrested him. He was found in possession of the woman’s bank card and an amount of cannabis.

He answered no comment to all the questions put to him during his police interview. He was charged on Monday, 26 September and was convicted as above.