Land Transaction Tax update: spring 2023

Important changes to our tax management system and exciting training webinars we’re holding in April on:

  • multiple dwellings relief (MDR)
  • higher rate transactions
  • derelict buildings

Change to the higher rate transactions question

We’re adding an additional question to our tax management system for higher rate transactions.

We’re adding this question as higher rates is an area of the tax that we most often have to contact taxpayers and their agents post filing and payment, causing us both additional work.

The new question will ask the reason for it being a higher rate transaction, knowing this will reduce how often we ask you for further information post filing. Our user research has informed us that solicitors and conveyancers have this information easily to hand in most cases.

We hope to add the additional question in mid to late May and will confirm this as soon as possible.

Spring webinars

Webinars are back! We’re pleased to be hosting free webinars for solicitors, conveyancers and their teams who file and pay Land Transaction Tax.

The webinars focus on areas of the tax where solicitors and conveyancers have asked for more training. We’re running each webinar twice; you can attend them in any order so come when it works best for you. Limited places available, allocated on a first come basis.

For more details and to book please go to our events page.

Our PO Box address is going to change

We’ll shortly have a new PO box address. We’ll let you know our new address when it’s ready.

In the meantime, continue to use our current one. Any post sent to our previous postal address, after our PO box address has changed, will be redirected to our new one.

We recommend using our online contact form to send us correspondence. If you have any questions, contact us.