Wales to lead the green energy revolution with bold investments and initiatives

Speaking at the Global Offshore Wind conference in Manchester today, the Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Energy, and Welsh Language shared his ambitious vision for Wales in the offshore wind revolution.

With the right mix of expertise and geography, Wales has long been a home to internationally pioneering offshore wind projects. As part of a keynote speech to an international industry audience, Cabinet Secretary, Jeremy Miles, vowed to build on this, putting a strong focus on strategic investment, robust supply chains, and developing skills to ensure that Wales is excellently placed to lead the charge towards a green energy future.

This work will commence by developing and enhancing offshore capability at the strategically placed ports of Holyhead, Mostyn, Pembrokeshire, and Port Talbot, which have each had a pivotal role to play in Wales’s offshore wind successes to date.

Jeremy Miles, said: 

Wales was at the forefront of one industrial revolution, and now we have the tools, the expertise, and the ambition to be at the forefront of the next.

“Offshore wind is not just an energy solution; our ports are gateways to economic growth and environmental sustainability. I’m proud of the part Wales has played in leading on offshore wind energy production so far, and I’m committed to maximise the benefits to Wales by driving high-value investment in manufacturing, infrastructure, and skills as we look to develop and support further projects at key sites.

“As a government, work will soon begin with our ports to develop a clear offshore strategy, ensuring the industry has the certainty it needs, and businesses in the supply chain can be best positioned to meet demand. We want to move quickly with this, working with the industry, experts and local communities to get the very best from an industry with huge potential, not just for Wales but globally.”

The Welsh Government’s Net Zero Skills Plan is crucial to achieving a net-zero Wales. Jeremy Miles added:

 Skills are critical to improving productivity and delivering on the economic opportunities from our transition to a net-zero Wales. I want to ensure there’s an emphasis from Government to work with the industry, trade unions, and education organisations to enhance our skills offer, and develop bespoke educational and training initiatives tailored to an offshore wind industry we know provides so many truly prosperous and sustainable opportunities.”