Written Statement: Statement by the First Minister

I congratulate the Prime Minister on the formation of a new UK Government. 

This is a major opportunity to re-set relations and begin a new era of partnership, with two governments working together on a shared vision for Wales’ future. The Welsh Government has consistently made the case for a UK Government approach that backs a stronger Wales in a fairer United Kingdom. 

The mandate the new UK Government has won provides the platform for that change. With two governments working together, we can help more people plan secure, ambitious futures in Wales. 

I look forward to establishing a new partnership with the new UK Government as early as possible, with mutual respect and a sense of common purpose.  

With a focus on economic growth and a new approach that backs Wales’ green growth potential, we can unlock more ambitious opportunities across Wales. New commitments on repairing and extending devolution, after a sustained period of attacks, offers a new era for the Senedd and the Welsh Government.