UK explanation of vote delivered by Ambassador Barbara Woodward, UK Permanent Representative to the UN, following the Security Council adoption of the renewal of the UNMHA mandate.

UNMHA plays an important role in maintaining critical, commercial and humanitarian routes into the ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras Isa, including supporting demilitarisation of the ports.

We thank the Council for the show of unity in the adoption of a twelve-month mandate renewal. This sends a clear message on the continued importance of the ceasefire in Hodeidah and the work to preserve it.

However, we are clear that the continued Houthi restrictions on the movement of the mission and the proliferation of weapons in Hodeidah must end. The UK is committed to securing a sustainable peace and long-term stability for Yemen, including by supporting the UN-led process to achieve an inclusive political settlement.

Published 8 July 2024