8 July 2024 15:05 Met investigation leads to 22-year jail term for east London drug dealer   A man from Stepney Green has been sentenced to 22 years’ imprisonment for drug supply and conspiracy charges thanks to the work of Met officers.

A man from Stepney Green has been sentenced to 22 years’ imprisonment for drug supply and conspiracy charges thanks to the work of Met officers.

Mohammed Jakir Hussain, 30 (21.12.93) of Stepney Green Court, was jailed at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday, 28 June. Hussain pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of heroin but was found guilty of the following offences in April 2023:

  • involvement in the distribution of Class A drugs
  • conspiracy to supply heroin
  • possession of Class B drugs
  • attempting to smuggle prohibited items into a prison.

In 2021, local Tower Hamlets officers suspected Hussain to be a significant figure in a large-scale drug operation after receiving intelligence.

Met analysts examined months of communication data from seven phones belonging to Hussain to piece together his role in the illicit drugs trade and gather substantial evidence against him.

As part of A New Met for London, officers are actively working with local communities to address their concerns, especially focusing on tackling drug related crimes and associated violence. Our officers are committed to keeping the public safe and fighting community crime.

Detective Inspector Dave Chambers, leading the investigation said: “I have seen first-hand the devastating impact that drugs can have on individuals, families and communities and this is what drives us to bring criminals like Hussain to justice.

“Our dedicated officers work tirelessly to intercept drug trafficking operations and prevent harmful substances from reaching our streets. Their efforts have disrupted a major criminal plot and protected vulnerable members of society from falling victim to the dangers of substance abuse.”

Hussain was discovered to be involved in the illicit sale of various drugs such as cocaine, heroin and crystal methamphetamine. The investigation uncovered his involvement in incriminating conversations on EncroChat, suggesting his participation in drug sales. However, no evidence was found linking him to having an account on the platform.

Officers also uncovered his participation in distributing around 80kg of drugs valued at around £8m, resulting in the confiscation of over 70 phones.

Further into the investigation, officers evidenced Hussain making trips to a prison to throw drugs over the wall and provide them to prisoners. Hussain also had contact with a prisoner who had a mobile phone, evidenced by Google map screenshots used for planning the smuggling operation. Their discussions involved plans to involve retail shop workers in their plans to smuggle items and the use of a drone for drug transportation. They also talked about test flights, making the drone quieter, observing guard routines and locations for these activities.