Fleet news round-up: June 2024

Purchase of electric vehicles collaborative procurement

Following a collaborative procurement exercise last year, FleetEV were appointed sole supplier on the framework, which ends in November 2024. The framework allows all Welsh public sector customers to access the arrangement for their EV requirements.

FleetEV provide competitive rates under the agreement when compared to traditional purchasing routes with customers making savings and seeing reduced lead times when placing their vehicle orders.

For further information, please e-mail: CommercialProcurement.Fleet@gov.wales

Tyres and associated services

We have awarded the tyres and associated services framework and it is now available for the Welsh public sector to use.

The framework agreement offers a compliant, simple and competitive route to market for tyres for HGVs, cars, light commercial vehicles and specialist vehicles. It also covers roadside tyre replacement and repair.

Lot 1 covers HGVs and Lot 2 covers cars and light commercial vehicles. The agreement is further subdivided into 3 regional lots.

Details of how to use the framework are available on Sell2Wales.

For further information, please e-mail: CommercialProcurement.Fleet@gov.wales