People and corporate services news round-up: June 2024

Temporary workers

Last year, we launched our latest temporary workers framework, which provides access to a range of managed service providers to meet your temporary worker requirements.

Our framework also includes a new opportunity to work with your appointed provider to develop a local and bespoke talent pool of temporary workers. The talent pool can be made up of candidates who have either worked for an organisation in the past, and / or want to be considered for future opportunities. This could include:

  • contractors
  • previous temporary workers
  • early retirees
  • candidates who have applied for permanent roles but would consider temporary roles.

Workers can be grouped by skill set, qualifications, previous experience and can help reduce the time-to-hire, thus helping fill vacancies.

The talent pool can be managed by your appointed framework provider, and sit alongside and complement the other routes offered to fill temporary posts, and can provide a number of benefits for your organisation and local workforce, including:

  • candidates can be pre-qualified and vetted, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming screening processes.
  • access to the talent pool can be advertised across your local area, thus helping local workers access employment opportunities.
  • easy access to established pools of candidates, relevant skills and talent.
  • reduction in job advertising and waiting for responses.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of implementing a talent pool, please speak to your framework provider, or consider using our temporary workers framework to access a range of managed service providers who can meet your needs.

Further framework guidance is available on Sell2Wales (login required), or e-mail: